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Outdoing customer’s expectations at each step


Amar Spaces has been a reliable choice as a general contractor for many industry-leading clients. For over 24 years we’ve developed a team of professional trades and beyond that form an integral part of our service. This includes using local trades in communities where applicable. Our management team works on site and off, ensuring all client needs are met. We offer out-of-the-ground services, renovation expertise, new construction and interior fit-up services at all scales. Our expertise  in retail, commercial, corporate and institutional sectors is our pride.

Interior Decoration

We specialize in Interior construction work in both residential and commercial sectors along with providing design and interior decoration services.

We provide with all the construction services required for making the structure your place. From civil, carpentry, plumbing, electrical to final house keeping work. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect.

Design - Build

We bring together the best of architects, engineers, and crafty hands to materialize the way you envision your spaces. Keeping construction within the allotted budget and up to the rest of the building team’s standards requires a combination of extensive technical and product knowledge. We believe that our attention to detail and client service sets us apart from our competition. We create strong partnerships with each and every homeowner, from the inception of the project.



For any antique, conventional to modern utilities and construction material required like marbles, carpentry material, electronics, appliances etc. for your project, we provide assistance and procurement services for same. 

Technology with sustainability

A good design is Sustainable Design. We prioritize sustainable construction practices and designs. The company’s experts have accumulated valuable experience in green development, being savvy to all aspects of the certification process and requirements, hence assisting our clients in sustainable way of life with technologies like Solar Water Heater, Solar Electric Panels or Bio-gas plant installations, LED lighting, Solar Inverters.

Green Covers

Ample use of indoor and outdoor plants for fresh air and complementary aesthetics, along with maximized usage of smart toxin free green materials in keeping with the natures balance.

We always provide more than what our customers expect.

So whether you are looking for construction, renovation, civil work, landscaping, interior designing, outsource a turnkey project or seek consultancy on any aspect of a project, we will bend to your needs and delight in being of service to you.

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