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Company Policies:

Environmental Management Policy

Amar Spaces is a design, and construction management company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, specialising in residential and commercial projects.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

The director and senior management of Amar Spaces recognize the importance of providing a safe and healthy work environment to all workers and those who may be affected by our business undertakings.
Amar Spaces will manage all health and safety risks in the workplace so far as reasonably practicable by:
Providing processes and systems for the identification, classification, assessment and review of all issues in relation to the management of health and safety risks in the workplace;
Establishing a safety culture that encourages all incidents and hazards are promptly reported, investigated where appropriate and control measures are put in place to eliminate or miniseries the chance of a repeat event;
Maintaining and promoting a safety culture that encourages workers to proactively manage health and safety risks through consultation, education, instruction, information, cooperation, coordination and supervision;
Ensuring that Work Health & Safety Management Systems would satisfy the strictest of standards;
Provide adequate human, financial and time resources to ensure the effectiveness of systems and processes;
Provide systems and work practices that meet or exceed relevant statutory legislation, industry guidelines, and applicable codes of practice;
Keep up-to-date with relevant health and safety legislative obligations to achieve and maintain compliance;
Continuously improve our systems by setting measurable goals and constant monitoring to maintain the effectiveness of the management system.
Ensure the management and employees of Amar Spaces is committed to this Work Health and Safety Policy,
All workers are expected to know their responsibility to take care of the health and safety of themselves and others and comply with all Amar Spaces WHS policies & procedures.

Quality Management Policy

The primary objective of Amar Spaces to maintain a leading position and authority in the design and construction of residential and commercial buildings.
Understanding our customer needs and expectations and providing products and services that consistently meet those needs and expectations whilst complying with statutory and regulatory requirements will achieve this primary objective.
Associated with this objective is the recognition that our customers expect these products and services to be supplied to acceptable levels of quality, at a competitive price and within an agreed time period.
To ensure these requirements are achieved the company is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of a Business Management System that, as a minimum, meets the requirements of the internationally recognised Quality Management Systems.

An effective Business Management System will ensure that:


  1. We understand our client’s needs,

  2. We consult with clients to develop their needs,

  3. High standards of product quality are maintained,

  4. We train employees to be effective in their processes,

  5. We establish and maintain standards,

  6. We establish and maintain a continual improvement work environment,

  7. We provide a framework for the regular review of objectives,

  8. Requirements are communicated to and understood at all levels in the organisation, and

  9. Our operations are regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and effectiveness.

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