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Vijay Dutta Flat

This residential project with a simple yet daunting design with optimum space usage, in-house water body, gymnasium for home workouts, garden area decoration, and theater room for the entire family to get together and relax while screening shows.

We revamped the entire expanse of 4500 sq.ft. with Italian marble fittings to give the house a plush, rich look accompanied with wooden flooring bedrooms and whole flat false ceiling with centralized Air Conditioning ducting.

Designed by Ar. Sunil Humne

Contractor : Amar Spaces


Duplex flat


Kalyani Nagar, Pune


October 2016

MS plus wood stairs were installed for access to higher floors and the terrace along with a one floor elevator for ease of access. The gym and theatre room were fixed with state of the art equipment for the best experiences. The terrace was given a complete make over with a terrace pond and seating so that the family could spend cozy evenings sipping on warm tea., garden was given a gazebo with artifacts specially sourced from Bali to give it a tropical aura to enjoy the soft weather changes and view the blooming flowers in the midst of the breeze.
The key attraction of the of the plush house is a wooden decorative wall with over 50 artifacts sourced from various places.
The home interiors were best in class with kitchen getting complete modular setup in accordance with the women of the family along with kitchen platform and the island kitchen. Bathroom fittings were done for that luxurious aura to prevail with plush bathtubs and water fixtures.

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